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We've Partnered with SC Tracking for your yearly (RPZ) Backflow Inspections

Dear Water Customer,

As part of the Copeville SUD Cross Connection Control/Customer Service Inspection Program, the SUD has partnered with SC Tracking Solutions, LLC (SCTS) to provide an online catalog and tracking tool for annual water service Backflow Prevention Assembly/CSI testing for commercial businesses, residential properties and educational facilities.  This new web-based format will simplify current processes and help ensure that inspections are performed in accordance with local ordinances and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regulations [30 TAC 290.44 (h) ( 4)].

Below are the anticipated timelines and actions that will take place in relation to this change:

April 25, 2023: Notices will go out to businesses, residents, and educational facilities that have inspections due in the following thirty-five (35) days.  Your letter will include a Catalog Number that has been issued to your address.  This number will be used by a registered BPAT/CSI to enter the testing results on the SCTS web-based tool, and can also be used in case you would like to track inspection results online. To view this information, please visit www.sctrackingsolutions.com and click "Need a Provider" enter Copville SUD then backflow in the drop downs and a list of registered inspectors will populate. You can use your own licensed contractor but they must register with SC Tracking Solutions in order to turn in the inspection form to Copeville SUD.